Should You Buy Gold Bullion in Canada as an Investment?

bullion in canada

Gold is an investment vehicle popular with those who want a portfolio that can ride out any weather. It’s an asset that’s non-correlated to the stock market, meaning the data shows very little relationship between these two very different investments.

When stock markets face volatility, gold becomes popular. That doesn’t just refer to stock prices going down; volatility means prices go up and down quickly and suddenly. It’s an uncertain environment where it can be difficult to reliably make money, and the relative stability of precious metals suddenly becomes much more appealing.

Gold is a great addition to a portfolio that will help you balance out risks, including market risks, interest rates, and inflation.

How to Buy Gold Bullion in Canada

There are many ways to include gold in your portfolio. You can invest in an ETF (exchange-traded fund) if you want to keep things digital, or you can invest in mining stocks, but neither of these are the same as having direct ownership of the real thing. Owning physical bullion comes with the lowest risk and maximizes the qualities that make gold attractive.

#1 Go to a Local Bullion Dealer

You will typically get the lowest premiums by going to a local gold bullion dealer or buying online. Reputable bullion dealers will also buy back coins and bars, making it extremely simple to sell gold when you’re ready to realize any price gains.

Options such as Global Bullion Suppliers in Canada make gold and silver coins and bars easy to access. Go online, search through a wide variety of bars and coins, compare prices, and have it shipped. You can also speak to a live agent if you’re not sure how to get started. You should be able to buy bullion with confidence. Go somewhere that will answer all of your questions.

You can also buy gold at a bank, but not every bank sells it, the selection tends to be limited, and the premiums tend to be higher.

#2 Buy Canadian Gold Bullion

You can find bullion products from around the world with most dealers, including coins from sovereign mints and bars made by private refiners. Fortunately for Canadian buyers, the Royal Canadian Mint is responsible for producing some of the most widely recognized and easily exchangeable gold in the world.

The Canadian Gold Maple Leaf was first minted in 1979 and offered bullion investors an early alternative to the South African Gold Krugerrand. Its long history has made it a staple of coin collectors and investors.

#3 Include Gold in Your RRSP

Gold bullion in Canada can be included in your RRSP. A Registered Retirement Savings Plan is a great tool for saving for your retirement, and gold fits neatly into a long-term investment strategy. As an inflation hedge and a lifeboat against economic crises, gold holds its value for the duration. It’s exactly the kind of asset you want to count on when you’re heading into retirement in an uncertain future.

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