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Most Romantic Restaurants In Toronto

Most Romantic Restaurants In Toronto
Most Romantic Restaurants In Toronto

For a magical date night, you need to look for the most romantic restaurants in Toronto to charm your partner. Lucky for you, the city offers endless choices and we’ve shortlisted the best places for a spectacular night. Situated on the shores of the shimmering Lake Ontario, the gorgeous city of Toronto has a lot more to offer than its stunning skyline

World class gastronomy means nothing if it isn’t combined with a cosy, candlelit ambience. That’s why the best restaurants listed here are important to impress a new partner on the first date or to stimulate the passion in older relationships. At these romantic restaurants you can enjoy a smooth day by making reservations in advance and knowing what clothes to pick in advance.

Let the date night begin, here are our top 11 romantic restaurants in Toronto to visit: 

Romantic Restaurants To Eat At In Toronto 

Paris Paris

Paris Paris Romantic Restaurant In Toronto

When you want a quick nosh before heading back home to celebrate a special day, Paris Paris is for you. Graze through dishes such as fried crab claws and roasted chicken as you sample a variety of wines from all over the world without over eating and feeling bloated. Plus, you’ll score some brownie points from your date as the skylights allow light to flood into this French-inspired bar and restaurant

Their wine bar is eclectic and unique, offering up an impressive wine list and additional snacks to pair it all with.

ALO Restaurant

ALO Restaurant Romantic Restaurant In Toronto

One of the most special things you can do is take your partner to this restaurant. This French restaurant is quite simply dreamy, with its soft hues, floral arrangements and gracious service will leave nothing for want. Get a table for two reservation and relish an extravagant dinner featuring an always-changing tasting menu.

If you’re a foodie who loves the finer things in life, this is it. The customer reviews rank this as one of the most romantic restaurants in Toronto and you can see for yourself: 

“We booked a reservation well in advance and it is worth it. Outstanding service at all levels. True professionals and it shows. Wine pairings were fantastic. Tasting menu was incredible. A very romantic atmosphere, and not over crowded. One of the best meals we have had in the city.” 

“A Michelin-Star worthy meal. Amazing value for money, with a flavorful cuisine, with excellent wine parings, and truly exceptional service. I can see why Canada’s 100 best gave it first place. The tuna, scallops, and the parade of unique wine pairings. A real foodie experience!”

“Most people I know would dine at ALO for a special occasion, but I’d like to go at least twice a year with or without an occasion to commemorate or celebrate because I love the food and service and I’m proud that Canada finally has a restaurant that matches the world’s best. My most recent experience was, as usual, heavenly as the 11-course tasting menu was flawless and the service was impeccable. The 70 percent focus on seafood – Bigeye Tuna, Hokkaido Sea Scallop, Kanpachi, Sea Urchin, and East Coast Lobster – was very much to my liking. I’ve always said that ALO’s meat dishes are probably weaker than its seafood offerings, but even the meat courses – Muscovy Duck and Milk-Fed Veal Tenderloin – during our last visit were superb. Kudos to Chef Owner Patrick Kriss who has recently promoted a team of millennial staff both behind the kitchen and in front-line hospitality and service. The price of the tasting menu has been increased again to $145 before drinks, taxes and gratuities and a non-refundable deposit of $50 per person is required to reserve a table. But it’s still very reasonable when compared to other restaurants of the same calibre around the world. If you were a connoisseur of French food, you could not possibly skip ALO just like you could not live in San Francisco and have yet to visit Thomas Keller’s The French Laundry in Yountville!”

Grey Gardens

Grey Gardens Romantic Restaurant In Toronto

This restaurant is so inviting with its warmth and elegance. No wonder why so many couples like to hang out here, as one of the most romantic restaurants in Toronto.  The candle lit dinner, light pastel colours that cover the walls at Grey Gardens and the image of sitting next to your partner will keep you happy. When you order, select a bottle of wine from their impressive wine menu and then settle in for the main course. 

The open kitchen creates a central focal point and adds a touch of excitement to the evening. 


Miku Romantic Restaurant In Toronto

Miku is one of the premiere sushi spots. Fresh fish and fine ingredients are used here to craft some of the tastiest sushi in Canada. As you eat, you can enjoy intimate conversations and fall deeper in love. 

Ambience wise, the industrial lighting fixtures and elegant black and white furniture contrasts the stark nature of the industrial lighting, and the result is something unique. 

George Restaurant

George Restaurant Romantic Restaurant In Toronto

As one of the most romantic restaurants in toronto, you can’t go wrong here. Walk in and 

the architecture alone, oozes of romance and passion. George Restaurant is the kind of place you head to if you’re really looking to impress.

Housed inside of an old 1850s chocolate factory, this restaurant still personifies the sweetness of the chocolate that they used to produce here. The lavish, romantic setting is complemented by elegant chandeliers and even a five, seven or ten-course tasting menu. 


Adega Romantic Restaurant In Toronto

Enjoy Adega for its Seafood, Mediterranean, European, Portuguese cuisine. Here is a review of the place:  

“I celebrated my 70th birthday with my 5 adult children their spouses and 4 of our young grandchildren. My wife and I had just visited Portugal in late September and raved about the food among many other things. As a surprise my kids brought us to Adega. The restaurant did not disappoint! The tastes we had experience in Portugal were authentically recreated here. Exceptional service , great food, wine and super atmosphere. Highly recommended.”

Il Covo

Il Covo Romantic Restaurant In Toronto

Few things are more romantic than perfectly-prepared Italian food. Delicious wine, delectable food, and romantic key lighting set the mood at Il Covo, by far one of the most romantic restaurants in Toronto. The restaurant’s name translates to “the hideout” in English, and you’ll certainly feel the intimacy immediately upon arrival. Enjoy their famous handmade fresh pasta as you sip on sumptuous glasses of Italian wine and enjoy quality conversation with your date.


Byblos Romantic Restaurant In Toronto

When your date hears the words Turkish Manti Dumplings and Crispy Baby Artichoke, he or she is going to love you! Byblos is a two-story restaurant taking luxurious dining up a notch. 

You’re in really good hands with executive chef Stuart Cameron as this Eastern Mediterranean restaurant dishes out seductive cocktails and brilliant dishes! 


Figo Romantic Restaurant In Toronto

A large flower mural on the wall of Figo might account for the level of romance you feel upon entering this trendy Toronto restaurant. The bright, vibrant nature of the decor is warm and inviting while still feeling cosy and intimate. Begin your evening at the bar and then snag a quiet table for two and enjoy Italian-inspired cuisine that’ll take your taste buds on a true journey. It’s the perfect date from start to finish.


Bacchanal Romantic Restaurant In Toronto

Inspired by generations of Sicilian family-style cooking, ARDO chef Robert Marotta cooks with love and it definitely shows. The menu features seasonal produce, fresh seafood, pizza and pasta made daily in-house.


Scaramouche Romantic Restaurant In Toronto

If your knees get weak at the thought of stunning skyline views, then Scaramouche is the most romantic restaurant in Toronto for you. Guests head here to enjoy stunning views of the Toronto skyline, but they stay for the world-class food. Warm lighting sets the mood and perfectly contrasts the scenery outside. And, the food is so first-class that it feels like super fine dining without all the pretence.

These 11 romantic restaurants in Toronto are sure to wow whoever you want to impress. You’ll slowly unwind at these restaurants, looking your finest, and watching your partner fall in love with you all over again. 

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