Best Sherbrooke Restaurants to Dine In

Best Sherbrooke Restaurants

One of Canada’s most beautiful cities, Sherbrooke has some great restaurants for people to eat. Find out more about the best Sherbrooke restaurants. 

As far as the most popular tourist spots of Quebec go, the province’s fourth largest city probably isn’t the first name that comes to everyone’s mind. However, the serene, leafy city of Sherbrooke comes with its own charm. It has a lot of educational institutions and as a result, more than 10 percent of the city’s population comprises students. Sherbrooke is surrounded by gorgeous lakes, mountains and picturesque locales. Even world renowned politicians like Hillary Clinton have visited Sherbrooke for a holiday. Aside from the spectacular scenery, the town also offers some wonderfully delicious dining options. No matter the kind of cuisine you prefer, Sherbooke’s restaurants have got you covered. Here are some of the best restaurants for you to eat in Sherbrooke.

The Best Sherbrooke Restaurants

La Table Du Chef

Kicking off our list of the best Sherbrooke restaurants, is La Table du Chef. Dining at this restaurant is one of Sherbooke’s more refined culinary encounters: chef Alain Labrie’s cuisine reinterprets classic French dishes, highlighted magnificently through local ingredients. Add to that the setting of a former presbytery, an almost austere dining room dressed up with white tablecloths. Expect pristine aromas and delicate flavours in harmony with a well thought-out wine selection.

Le Chou de Bruxelles

Next on the list of the best Sherbrooke restaurants, is Le Chou de Bruxelles. This Belgian restaurant provides some wonderful Flemish food, especially the tasty mussels accompanied with fries. It is one of Sherbrooke’s most popular restaurants. And even better, they allow you to bring your own wine. The excellent service, atmosphere and food makes this a popular local joint, with plenty of repeat custom.

Louis Luncheonette

Next on the list of the best Sherbrooke restaurants, is Louis Luncheonette. This is more than a restaurant, it is almost like a Sherbrooke institution. For the past 60 years, this diner has been serving greasy spoon food made only from local ingredients: bread from Boulangerie Georges, cheese from Laiterie Coaticook and meat from Les Viandes Laroche. It’s also where you’ll find the best poutine in the greater Sherbrooke area. Three locations, all of them on King Street.

Antidote Foodlab

Next on the list of the best Sherbrooke restaurants, is Antidote Foodlab. This beautiful restaurant is a colourful, textured and modern expression of Québécois comfort food. Its bistro philosophy features dishes where tweezers, nitrogen and thermal circulators are often used to confront aromatic perceptions; in short, an accessible, dressed down version of molecular gastronomy. Expect shepherd’s pie (or pâté chinois) to be deconstructed and served with horse and/or beef cheek, corn mousse, and airy potato purée. 


Next on the list of the best Sherbrooke restaurants, is L’Empreinte. It is a small 24-seat, open space restaurant near the heart of Sherbrooke’s city centre. Chef Daniel Charbonneau’s bold personality sets customers on an unusual journey through combinations that both surprise and exult the most daring palates: deer and sea urchins, mac and cheese with whelks, or quail and raw ham. Choose the Chef’s ‘‘we take care of you” option for the ultimate flavour fest. 

Bistro Kaapeh Espresso

Next on the list of the best Sherbrooke restaurants, is Bistro Kaapeh Espresso. This establishment is part-friendly neighbourhood coffee house, part-art gallery with a menu of original Mexican-Québécois dishes. As eclectic as it sounds, it works perfectly in a student-friendly environment where high ceilings and brick walls give off a laid-back vibe. Recommended for brunch, great coffee, late afternoon tableside conversations, and patio sunsets. 


Next on the list of the best Sherbrooke restaurants, is L’Entr’Amis. For an excellent fine dining experience in Sherbrooke inspired by French and international cuisines, l’Entr’Amis is a top destination. The restaurant offers one to seven course meals and guests can bring their own wine or beer. Designed in a simple and minimalist style, this restaurant has impeccable service with fast and polite waiters.

Cafe Singing Goat

Next on the list of the best Sherbrooke restaurants, is Cafe Signing Goat. It is one of Sherbrooke’s best-kept secrets for creative vegetarian, vegan and raw food including dairy and gluten-free house-made desserts. Its well-balanced meals are loaded with colours and vitamins, and bread is made daily and vegetables harvested directly from the café’s backyard garden. It’s also a popular venue for various cultural events.

Bistro Kapzak

Next on the list of the best Sherbrooke restaurants, is Bistro Kapzak. This spectacular restaurant is a Polish/Quebec fusion joint for those looking for Eastern European food with a local touch. Guests will find delicious dishes with duck, fish, veal and choucroute on the interesting menu. The traditional perogies (dumplings) and borscht (beet soup) are must tries. The décor and ambiance are excellent and the food is both tasty and reasonably priced.

Marche de la Gare

Next on the list of the best Sherbrooke restaurants, is Marché de la Gare. Let’s make something clear, this isn’t exactly a restaurant, but the Marché de la Gare is Sherbrooke’s hotspot for colourful family picnics. Located at the foot of Lac des Nations, the Marché de la Gare is Sherbrooke’s year-round farmer’s market. Its building, a former CP train station, is loaded with history ,too. During the summer, local producers fill up colourful tables of fresh fruit and vegetables for all to enjoy, while indoor merchants offer a wide range of Québec-made products including meat, cheese, beer, sausages, and prepared food too.

Siboire Depot

Next on the list of the best Sherbrooke restaurants, is Siboire. This beautiful restaurant is the love child of two friends who traded in medicine and cycling in favour of beer. Ten years later, and now with three locations across the city, and one in Montreal, Siboire microbrewery brews a vast selection of craft beer from seasonal, to limited-run brews. Head to the downtown address to find out where it all began.

Restaurant Lo Re

Next on the list of the best Sherbrooke restaurants, is Restaurant Lo Re. It is an unforgettable dining experience with unparalleled cuisine. In a beautiful setting, attentive waiters serve the tastiest French dishes to be found in the area. They have an excellent wine list, but nothing beats the snails they offer as a starter or the bison they have as an entree. Desserts are also worth exploring.


Next on the list of the best Sherbrooke restaurants, is Sballo. It offers the best of Italian cuisine in an elegant and classy atmosphere. The French classic menu offers fresh produce throughout, and all the dishes are beautifully presented. Guests are also allowed to bring their own wine and the owner is often present to greet them.

Restaurant Auguste

Rounding up our list of the best Sherbrooke restaurants, is Restaurant Auguste. In this beautiful restaurant, ingredients are locally sourced and of the highest quality, and the French and European-style food is delicious and healthy. The kitchen is open, allowing guests to see the cooks at work. On sunny days, guests can also eat outside sitting at the terrace area.

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