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Jonah Hill and Fiancée Gianna Santos Call Off Their Engagement

Jonah Hill and Fiancée Gianna Santos

A little over a year when Johan Hill and his fiancée Gianna Santos got engaged in 2019, they decided to end their relationship. According to the sources, the two separated in a very harmonious way. 

While Jonah is the Oscar-nominated actor aged 36, he got engaged with Gianna Santos last year October. The engaged couple now became exes. They were first spotted together in 2018 August while they took a romantic walk in New York City. 

Throughout their relationship course, Jonah and Gianna kept their romance out of the spotlight unlike may other celebrities and rarely photographed in the public.

About Johan Hill

Born and raised in Los Angeles, Jonah Hills is the son of Sharon Feldstein, a costume stylist and a fashion designer and a tour accountant for Guns and Roses, Richard Feldstein. His sister Beanie Feldstein is an actress and brother a music manager.  Jonah Hill started performing in play when he was in college in New York City. Jonah began writing his own play and performed them in the Black and White Bar located in the neighbourhood place of New York City, East Village. His plays became popular and slowly, Jonah realised that he must pursue his career as an actor in movies. He befriended Dustin Hoffman’s children Jake and Rebecca who introduced Jonah Hill to Hoffman. Soon, he was auditioning for his first debut in I Heart Huckabees.

About Gianna Santos

Gianna Santos grew up in the neighbourhood of New York, TriBeCa. She is currently a content manager as the Violet Gray, a Los Angeles firm dealing in beauty products. She graduated from Fordham University in the year 2011. Santos was a producer and head stylist at an iconic fashion brand, KITH NYC. 

Gianna wrote in the blurb, “I have always been intrigued by and drawn to creative pursuits including fashion’s eccentricities, a love for design, and visual displays of fashion,”. Her life motto is both styling and enjoying life, “has always been ‘less is more.'”

Gianna is popularly known as “The Industry’s Beauty Edit,” since she sells beauty products of top brands like Giorgio Armani, Channel and Charlotte Tilbury. 

Jonah Hill engagement with Gianna Santos

After dating for one year, Jonah Hill 35 and Santos 30 got engaged in 2019 summer. They were first photographed after the engagement in New York while the couple headed for breakfast together. Before engagement, Gianna had attended many family gatherings of Jonah Hill and celebrated Thanksgiving and Christmas with them according to her Instagram posts. 

Amidst COVID-19, Jonah Hill has been seen sharing a photo of himself enjoying his meal captioning, “I always feel very vulnerable when I shave my beard. Please vote.” 

Hills also showed concern about people’s voting during the election, “I’m talking to you, yeah you, and I’m telling you to vote. No, I’m asking you to vote,” 

Jonah Hill weight loss journey

When we talk about weight loss transformations, no one matches better than the celebrities, particularly in terms of showcasing the transformation journey and how they lost their weight. As per recent article published on Jonah Hill’s weight loss is one perfect example which reveals how actors work hard to get a lean athletic body. Although the weight loss journey of Jonah Hill started in 2011, it resumed again in 2017. The comic actor had to lose 40 pounds extra he gained for his movie War Dogs released in 2015. To lose weight, he had to visit many nutritionists and fitness trainers. Some of them advised him to get a toned and trim figure just like his friends had while others looked forward to how he resumes his fitness regime. 

Jonah Hill views on fashion and body imaging

Although Jonah Hill is a fashion icon and a great comedian, he wasn’t like that always. The “Wolf of Wall Street” actor gained attention in the world of fashion when he turned 36. In 2018, he was spotted wearing a trippy tie-dye T-Shirt, sleek sunglasses and highly coveted streetwear having an enviable look completely. 

In the verge of launching a collaboration with Adidas brand including a monochromatic makeover of Samba shoe, basketball shorts and puffer jackets. During an event, the actor opened about how he feels about the public perception that shaped his fashion sense and body image for a long time. 

At some points, he paused and cared about what other thought of him and his love for fashion stating, “I think I was conditioned for [criticism] based on my acting career. Because, (A) being overweight and (B) comedy, you’re not supposed to be into fashion on either of those sides. When I was coming up in comedy, you would get made fun of if you cared about fashion, but I always did,”. The comic star concluded by saying that he is just like that. There is nothing he cannot do; all we need to do is keep going until we find what we seek. 

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