Is Mobile Sports Betting on the Rise in Canada?

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It’s no secret that mobile devices have become a huge part of our lives. After all, technological advancement is inevitable, and we have to embrace it. But can we really do anything on a mobile, even using it for sports betting?

Looking at recent statistics, it seems so! More and more Canadian players are using their smart devices to place bets on sports events. And honestly, there’s no surprise in that, given how accessible Canadian mobile gambling is nowadays. 

How to bet on a mobile?

Placing bets on your favourite sports events has never been easier. All you need is a smart portable device and an Internet connection! After you have these figured out, you may create an account on a gambling platform that offers sports betting services. But first, make sure that it is mobile compatible! Some online casinos go as far as creating their own app, which is usually available on both IOS and Android systems.

Where to find the best sport betting casinos?

There are hundreds of online casinos out there that are offering mobile options for sports bettors. You just have to find the bookmaker that is right for you! And if you are looking for accurate and reliable mobile sports betting information, it is best to let experts do the job for you. Luckily, there are professional sites focusing on gambling research that might help you.

What do we mean by research? From casino reviews to special promotions and betting strategies, you have everything you need to get started right there. There are plenty of useful articles to guide you through every aspect of a gambling platform and help you uncover the industry’s secrets. We can describe it as a smart tool that gathers all the essential information and converts it into an easier-to-understand form. There is no need to browse through multiple websites for hours, trying to find relevant data.

Once you find everything you are looking for and decide upon joining a mobile casino, all that remains is placing your bets. The process is straightforward and works the same on all platforms:

  1. Log into your account
  2. Deposit funds
  3. Go to the sports betting section
  4. Choose an event
  5. Place your bets
  6. Check the outcome

What drives mobile betting

It has been reported that 45% of sports betting takes place online. Moreover, almost 80% of Canadian Internet users access sites from mobile devices. Putting these statements together, we can conclude that a significant percentage of sports bettors use mobile devices to bet on their favourite events. But why has mobile betting become so popular? We uncovered a few reasons:

  • Convenience

Most Canadian citizens live a fast-paced life. Therefore, they have to incorporate recreational activities, such as sports betting, into their busy routines. What better way to do this than through a device that you always carry with you? Instead of making a long trip to a betting shop, you can just take your phone out of the pocket and log into your online account. In this way, you may take a break from the day-to-day hustle whenever you want.

  • Easy to use interface

Sure, betting online is not that complicated. However, most punters find the interface of a mobile casino a lot easier to use than the PC version. And we don’t blame them! After all, a smaller screen implies simplified design and features, along with larger icons and characters. So, there’s no doubt the website becomes a lot easier to navigate.

  • Security

It is commonly known that mobile devices are more secure than PCs. Why? Because they integrate performant anti-virus technology and data encryption protocols. Therefore, gamblers who access online casinos from portable devices are less susceptible to cyber-attacks.

Tips for starting your mobile sports betting journey

If you are new to this, you might wonder what’s the best way to handle mobile gambling. Well, there are no specific guidelines that must be followed. Everyone has their own unique playing style. However, we can offer you some tips to improve your overall experience when it comes to mobile sports betting:

•             Always play at licensed casinos.

•             Check the mobile compatibility of your chosen casino.

•             Look for bonuses and promotions to headstart your journey. 

•             Start with smaller bets.

•             Do your research before betting on an event.

•             Make sure you know how the sport you are betting on works.

•             Do not rely on placing bets only on your favourite players.

•             If you don’t have experience, do not bet on multiple events at once. 

To answer the question, yes, it definitely is. The main factor may be its convenience. In addition, the fact that you have more features within the mobile version and extra security are also crucial aspects for a sports bettor.

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