How to Win at Online Roulette – 10 Tips for Beginners

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Online roulette might seem to be very easy on the surface. You choose your favourite combination of numbers and bet on it. You don’t even have to travel to an actual casino for it, you can just log on to an online casino and do it. You can go to to find some of the best Canadian online roulette casinos for you to bet on. Online roulette is going to become even more popular and safer with Governments launching websites for online gambling. The Province of Alberta recently launched an online gambling website in order to move bettors away from unregulated sites. All of that seems very convenient and easy, making you ache to place your next roulette bet quickly.  However, just because it’s convenient, you shouldn’t bet blindly. In this post, we will cover the 10 most useful roulette tips to help you make money in the long run. Don’t worry, these tips aren’t only for experts, they will be helpful for you even if you are just starting out. Let’s get started:

1. Play the Outside

Quite a few of the players who search for tips on how to win big at online roulette are told to bet on specific numbers in order to get a massive boost to their bank account. Before you do the same, just remember, payouts for hitting your number on the roulette table aren’t really very high at just 35:1. At 37:1, the odds of hitting your number are even worse. Hence, if you don’t have a lot to cash to work with, refrain from betting $100 on a single number. Play the outside. Because when you bet on red, black, even, odd, 1 to 18, or 19 to 36, you will get an almost 50/50 chance of landing a winning number.

2. Improve Your Odds on the Inside

In case you have some specific number that you really want to bet on, remember that you don’t always have to vote on just one number. If you place your chips on the right place on a roulette board, you will have the option to play several numbers that are near each other on the board. You can do all of that with one single bet. Yes, the payout will definitely not be as great as the extremely unlikely scenario of hitting a single number, but it will definitely be a lot higher than playing the outside.

3. Try Your Hand at European Roulette

One of the best online roulette tips we have for you is choosing a version of the game where your chances of winning the game are higher. The American online roulette games are famous for their double zeros. European roulette doesn’t have that, reducing your chances of not hitting evens, odds, or your favorite color.

4. Play Real Roulette Once in a While

If you continuously play online roulette and only that, your perspective might become very online roulette oriented. Sometimes, gaining a slightly different perspective will make your online roulette strategy better. Hence, it will be good if you can try your hand at a real world casino for a change. Interact with other seasoned roulette players, learn how they play and win, and gain a lot of knowledge to help you develop your online roulette strategies.

5. Try Your Hand at a Roulette Betting Strategy

Let’s make something clear, all players who win at online roulette, don’t follow a single guide. However, quite a few of them follow certain betting strategies that help build their bankroll. Certain strategies involve doubling your bet every time you lose and lowering it when you win. Some involve the opposite i.e. raising it when you win and lowering it when you lose.

6. Observe a Roulette Wheel for Sometime

This is a strategy which isn’t really applicable online, since it’s an animation of a roulette wheel that you see while playing online roulette, and not an actual roulette wheel. One effective but extremely cumbersome roulette strategy is observing the wheel for hours and trying to establish a pattern. If you can successfully do that, you will find that a few numbers hit more often than others while some events have a higher frequency of popping up over a course of time.

7. Try Your Hand at Multiplayer Roulette

When you play online roulette, it’s not mandatory for you to always play by yourself. You can also play alongside other players online. Playing with other players and observing them helps a lot with developing your online roulette strategy. This is one of the biggest advantages of multiplayer online roulette. However, even if there are other players playing at the same time as you, you will still play against the house only.

8. Practice with Your Online Roulette Tips

Practice makes perfect. That’s true in every aspect of life and online roulette is no exception. All great online roulette players continuously practice to improve their online roulette strategy. A top pro tip for you from our side would be to refrain from just diving into the tempting ocean of online roulette without having a proper understanding of the roulette wheel.

9. Don’t Keep Betting All of Your Profits Repeatedly

Whenever you win at online roulette, don’t just bet all of your winnings back into the next round. Even if you get extremely lucky and win five times in a row, you shouldn’t keep betting everything you have. Losing numbers will eventually pop up and you will lose everything you earned in an instant. We aren’t asking you to stop playing whenever you win, just remember to set a percentage of your winnings aside before you bet again. Don’t touch the portion that you have set aside under any circumstances.

10. Choose Only Reputable Online Casinos to Play

Last, but not least, remember to play at reputable casinos. It’s simple, even if you hone and develop the most fool-proof online roulette strategy, you might end up losing your money if you play at an online casino that isn’t reputable. Try to stay away from non reputable online casinos, they can be bottomless money pits for you.

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