How to Distinguish Between Good and Bad Free Spins Bonuses in Canadian Casinos

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As a newbie, the best way to get into the online slot world is to play free slot games that do not require using real money. There are thousands of free to play slot games at online casinos that new players can take advantage of. By playing for free, you can easily find your favourite picks and get the hang of them. Only then, you can continue playing the real thrill – for real money. 

What happens when you stumble upon free spins bonuses?

The best iGaming experience for new (and old) players is when casinos offer them the most lucrative reward for their most popular games – free slot spins. Many are taking these rewards with a grain of salt, and with a good reason that is! Not all free spins are equal! Some of them are gated, dull, and in the end, it will cost you depositing money to get them to work. The real free spins are genuine, rewarding, and offered without the need to make any deposit. 

Knowing how to distinguish the best free spins casino Canada is a must, and we will explain how to do it in this article.

Defining free spin bonuses and what to expect from them?

First of all, free spins are defined as bonuses that a casino offers to new and most recurrent players. It provides a limited free spins gameplay that players can use in one or multiple slot games.

Without a doubt, it is the best way for players to experience slot gameplay with real money rewards, especially for those coming from the free gameplay of the game. Additionally, a couple of spins on the most popular slots can help players to choose a game of their liking, and see the game’s winning combinations. 

In order to know how to distinguish good free spins bonuses from bad ones, you need to learn about the different types of bonuses a casino in Canada can offer.

Different types of free spin bonuses

Usually, free spin bonuses are divided into two types – the ones that are totally free and the ones that are attached with a deposit. The difference between the good casinos and the bad ones is whether they are bundled with huge deposit requirements for receiving the welcome bonus. Let’s get this straight out – it happens rarely that casinos do not attach their free spins with a deposit bonus. However, this can be the case in the best online casinos. In order to benefit from the no deposit bonus free spins, you are required to register an account, add your credit/debit card credentials (without adding any money!) and use those free spins to earn juicy rewards. The best free spin casino Canada generally offers free spins bonuses, and rewards their gaming community with prizes that do not require adding money to your account upfront.

No Deposit Bonuses 

No deposit bonuses are offered for both new and old players. They do not cost a dime and can be triggered on a daily, weekly or monthly basis. The downside is that they usually apply to specific slot games, and the maximum payout you can receive on them.

Deposit Free Spin Bonuses

With deposit free spin bonuses casinos tend to be more generous than with no deposit bonuses. These bonuses can reach up to 100 free spins and are not limited to a specific slot game. However, that’s not bad at all, having in mind that not only are you receiving free spins, but you can also double your deposit with the casino’s new player welcome bonus.

Continuing Bonuses 

As we mentioned before, there are daily, weekly and monthly bonuses. However, the best casinos in Canada know how to surprise their players with year-long bonuses that get even better as players progressively use them. The more loyal of a player you are, the more significant the rewards you receive from the casino will be. Plus, you can get the opportunity to take part in exclusive casino competitions too!

Free spins for Progressive Jackpot Slots!

Yes, it can happen! When a casino mentions that you can play the free spins at highly competitive slot games that have huge progressive jackpots, you have come to the right casino! Not only the chance to play, but the won money can be quickly withdrawn without limitations like in some casinos.

To Conclude

Choosing the best free spins casino in Canada that offers an excellent welcome bonus is not an easy task. But, now you know how to go about it, and we hope this article was helpful! We’ve discussed some of the most common types of bonuses – no deposit bonuses and deposit-free spins bonuses – and we covered what each bonus type entails. 

This information can come in handy even to old players to check if their favourite casino offers any bonuses at all; if not, it isn’t worth your time and energy. But, don’t worry! There are plenty more casinos out there waiting for new players like you to offer you something fun and rewarding and grant you with free spins playtime. 

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