Best Kept Secrets You Should Know Before Gambling


Gambling is a pastime as old as civilization and the casino is the temple dedicated to gambling. A casino is a fun and entertaining place with games all over the place, free food and drink, live shows and the chance to win or lose some money.

The gambling industry is heavily regulated and regulators demand that casinos treat their players fairly. However, there are several open secrets in the casino industry that allow casinos to slightly manipulate and make more money from their customers.

Open Secrets in the Casino Industry You Should Know Before Gambling

Return to Player Varies Depending on the Popularity of the Casino.

The Return to Player percentage (RTP) is estimated as the amount of money that you get back from your winnings after the casino has deducted their “commission”. It’s important to note that casinos deduct this percentage from every wager made and this is a major source of income for casinos.

Typically, the RTP fluctuates up and down depending on the popularity of the casinos. Since popularity translates into players for casinos, casinos will lower the RTP when there are fewer.

It’s important for newer players to understand that even though casinos cannot directly cheat because of the regulatory bodies watching, they still have ways to nudge the odds in their favor without getting in trouble.

All Gambling Machines Are Not the Same

Here’s another open secret for you; not all machines are created equal. Depending on the maker, type of game, as well as the settings chosen by the casino, odds on a gambling machine, may vary from the one right next to it. You should be able to estimate the amount you’ll win from every wager by checking the RTP percentage. Canadian casinos like Wheelz casino offer a great RTP percentage, thanks to strict Canadian gambling regulations.

There Are Security Cameras Watching You

You have to understand that the casino environment is carefully curated to ensure that you wager all your money before you leave and you don’t cheat the casino. Therefore, it’s safe to assume that you’re being watched on surveillance cameras whenever you’re in a casino.

The cameras are there for security reasons to ensure you don’t commit any crimes, like picking pockets or cheating the casino.

Everything You See in the Casino Is Meant to Keep You in There

Again, it bears repeating that the casino environment is carefully curated to keep you in there until you lose all your money. Tactics like no clocks or windows in the casino, free food and refreshments and live entertainment are used to make you lose track of time since afternoon looks like night and you’re enjoying yourself.

Casinos Will Investigate You when You Win Big

Casinos hate losing money so whenever you or someone else wins a jackpot, you’ll usually find yourself waiting for some time before the staff show up to give you your winnings.

You might get a story that the staff is busy but this is intentional from the casino to keep you waiting while they review the security footage to ensure you didn’t cheat.

The result of the security review will determine if you leave with a smile on your face and a bag full of money or if you’ll be escorted out of the premises with threats not to come back.

You Spend More with the Chips Provided

When you walk into a casino and deposit money, the casino will give you chips corresponding to the amount deposited. The official story is that playing with chips keeps the tables cleaner and helps you manage your wagers. The chips are smaller in your hand compared to fiat and that makes them easier to spend.

Final Thoughts

Only one thing you have to remember when you’re in a casino; nothing is real, everything you see is curated. You can still enjoy yourself and have a lot of fun in casinos, just be sure to stay sharp. Check reviews at https://greatcasinoonline.com/ to find the best casinos in Canada.

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